First off, welcome. You probably have some questions. Let me try and answer them quickly.

The Unity of Type is a campaign that seeks to create a vibrant fantasy world which is based on the historical real world but examines the concrete implications of a world full of magic and monsters.

In other words, it’s a world very much like our own, except in that it is populated by orcs and elves and magicians.

Because the world of unity is huge, I don’t expect that every player will form into one party — in fact I hope they don’t. Make a character the character you want, and we’ll work it out.

From a meta standpoint, while I have created the general structures and inspirations for the game and the world, this is ultimately a shared roleplaying experience, and so I encourage players to take part in inventing the world. Go ahead, create towns and traditions, heros and places legends and languages. After all it’s a really big sand box — and there’s always more sand.